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With her passion for music, a young girl named Yadira, discovers that she must teach a legendary Diablo Cojuelo the joy that brings music, all in moderation.

"El Diablo Cojuelo" is a short film created by Kayleen Acosta, Gabriel Aguirre and Me. This is our student-work senior thesis film we had worked on for almost a year and a half and we put a lot of heart, time and work to make this happen. While being part of this team, it taught me a great amount of lessons on teamwork, communication and getting work done on time. I was responsible for Modeling, Shading and Texturing the characters and props for the film. I was also involved with Set-Dressing the Exterior Environment as well. Kayleen was responsible for Modeling, Shading, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering majority of the film. Gabriel was responsible for the Character Animation and Sound Effects. A big thanks go to the Computer Art Department, Students and Faculty at The School of Visual Arts. Thank you for Watching and Looking at my work!

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