Hey guys! My name is Josette Ortega, I'm a CG Artist based in New York. Zbrush and Maya are my main softwares. I have moderate experience in graphic design and digital art. 

I am very passionate about video games and had been playing since I can remember. From playing Super Mario 64 and then Jak and Daxter to Skyrim, I want to create creatures, characters and organic models for video games as well as films as a living. I am also a big godzilla fan and it had inspired me to create creatures and monsters. 

Last but not least, I am very passionate about the field and what I do.

With these passions and dreams with me, I want to bring my skills to the table as being a well-rounded cg artist. I'm very open to learning and discovering new things. That is all part of the adventure.

Thank you for your time in reading about me and viewing my work!